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May the Bride ARISE! From her slumber in this season and become awakened to the knock of her Bridegroom King. Come away, My Love!

The Bridegroom King Jesus, the lover of our souls, sees His Bride as being beautiful and endorses her as His partner. Will your heart cry out to Him, passionately aflamed in Holy Love to fulfill His purposes?

The King of Glory, makes declaration to the Bride, His Church, and commissions her to “Go!” The Apostolic Mission to go out amongst the nation’s and draw people’s into Himself. May we make a greater commitment to Him in this hour to answer His call. He has vindicated and commissioned His Bride to answer the call. May we bear much fruit for Him bringing glory unto Himself.


Pomegranate: The word pomegranate, “rimon” in Hebrew, is derived from the Latin words “pomum” (apple) and “granatus” (seeded). 

How passionate are you for the things of God? Oh, that our spirit would take flight and soar into the wondrous mysteries of God. Let our vision open as to a delicate and fragrant rose, blooming afresh as the Rose of Sharon watches and smiles with delight. The Bride’s pleasant fruit of her love and obedience is both pleasant and sweet to Him.

“O’ love!” Our heart’s cry out. Let us cry out in deepened passion into Him. Don’t you know, beloved Bride His passionate heart beats when you are loving and serving Him with obedience. How can we measure His endless love? Open Your heart’s O’ you people’s to embrace the love of God and serve Him in obedience.

May We ARISE! In great spiritual maturity reaching the measure of the statute in Christ Jesus; in Him alone! Allow yourself to walk balanced in the Lord and become as a palm tree that signifies the victorious Bride of whom He has triumphed through His mighty conquest. The Bride, may her roots go deep into Him. So if the winds were to blow, and the earth shake, she shall not be moved, but remain strong in Him. Deep calls unto deep… May our roots truly grow deep into Him.

Allow your heart’s to expand with true agape love in the edification and of nurturing other’s. There needs to be spiritual mother’s and father’s to mentor and nourish the son’s and daughter’s of God.

May the Bride, be doubly blessed in her portion in the ability to nurture those in need and those she cares for. The Holy Spirit calls out for her to be the mature church in these end times with all power and authority given her by the Spirit of God. Take a hold of Him in greater measure! May the power of God move suddenly as a great wind, and of fire now.

Revive us, O Lord! May we run into Your presence where we be filled. And then, satiated, draw other’s into our heart lovingly nurturing many with the intimate impartation of the Holy Spirit making all refreshed.

May the wind of the Holy Spirit, blow! Let the anointing of the Spirit be released through His willing Bride; the Holy remnant church that lives and breathes in Him while walking a holy, purified and sanctified lifestyle.

We decree that the fire of the Holy Spirit bring forth a greater impartation of spiritual intimacy in Him. Let the words come forth from our mouth in love and truth.

The kisses of your mouth is better than wine, your love is better than wine, may we draw away into Him in a place of mature love.

Embrace The Mature Partnership In Him.

In Jesus Love And In His Service,
Rita Kay Whitt
11 May 2019

The pomegranate represents fruitfulness, knowledge, learning, and wisdom.


“How delicious is your fair beauty;
it cannot be described
as I count the delights you bring to me.
Love has become the greatest.
7 You stand in victory above the rest,
stately and secure as you share with me
your vineyard of love.
8 Now I decree, I will ascend and arise.
I will take hold of you with my power,
possessing every part of my fruitful bride.
Your love I will drink as wine,
and your words will be mine.
9 For your kisses of love are exhilarating,
more than any delight I’ve known before.
Your kisses of love awaken even the lips of sleeping ones.”

Song of Songs 7:6-9 The Passion Translation (TPT)

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Linda Carpenter
Linda Carpenter
May 17, 2019 2:46 am

Love it Amen