About Me: Rita Kay Whitt


I am an ARTIST. I am passionate about being an artist. I received my B.F.A in Illustration. Studied Graphic Design. I have an Associates of Science in Graphic Communications. Studied Desktop Publishing. Studied Dreams and Interpretation based on Biblical principles and Scripture from The Bible. I made books by hand, writing in calligraphy, then carefully stitching the spine and pages together with a unique cover. God Is The Master Artisan. I desire to be more like Jesus, His Son; a light-bearer.

I Manage Pages of Jesus Is Life, Spring Up O’ Well, WHITTness For Faith, and Wind Song : Winds Of Change on Facebook and now my own domain of Wind Song: Winds of Change!

My Mission Statement:

Draw people closer to Him in our heart. We go from Glory to Glory in our relationship with Him and our Christian walk.

My Expression on Art:

The illustration of dreams and visions brought to life brings joy and fulfillment to me. It is like a soft rain, and the wonderful smell afterwards in the air. It causes me to bubble up inside and make me want to dance. When I am actively working on a new project, it is like “birthing” a new baby to be brought into the world. A blank canvas or sheet of drawing paper comes to life, and I become engaged in it. I desire to touch the heart’s of many people with my work in a positive way to make a difference in this world that needs light.

My Application:

Prophetic Art by moving in the Seer realm; a Modern Day Scribe heavenly minded doing God’s work on earth.

#whittnessonchrist #springupowell #jesusislife #windsongwindsofchange #ritakaywhitt

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