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I am an ARTIST. I am passionate about being an artist. I received my B.F.A in Illustration. Studied Graphic Design. I have an Associates of Science in Graphic Communications. Studied Desktop Publishing. Studied Dreams and Interpretation based on Biblical principles and Scripture from The Bible. I made books by hand, writing in calligraphy, then carefully stitching the spine and pages together with a unique cover. God Is The Master Artisan. I desire to be more like Jesus, His Son; a light-bearer.

I Manage Pages of Jesus Is Life, Spring Up O’ Well, WHITTness For Faith, and Wind Song : Winds Of Change on Facebook and now my own domain of Wind Song: Winds of Change!

My Thoughts On This Season

Indeed we are in a NEW season. The winds of change is in the air and a NEW sound is to be heard upon the earth! Many are coming out of their caves, and a NEW breed of warrior’s are arising. May we all come together in unity in Agape Love to fulfill the commission upon our lives. The below photograph is of a sculpture I did for the blind or the visually impaired of a park in Kansas City, Missouri. A teacher is being shown with a child who was visually impaired that is “touching” the artwork. I called it, “Touch of Kansas City.” A newspaper article was written at the time about the sculpture and eventually was donated to the Kansas State School for the Blind. May we in this hour, open our hearts to God, to Jesus His Son, and Holy Spirit and SEE. I pray for greater revelation; of wisdom and understanding to come upon those who truly seek His face. We all have so much to give unto others. Let us take the time to spread the love and minister to one another in true perfected love. 

My Mission Statement

Draw people closer to Him in our heart. We go from Glory to Glory in our relationship with Him and our Christian walk.

My Expression on Art

The illustration of dreams and visions brought to life brings joy and fulfillment to me. It is like a soft rain, and the wonderful smell afterwards in the air. It causes me to bubble up inside and make me want to dance. When I am actively working on a new project, it is like “birthing” a new baby to be brought into the world. A blank canvas or sheet of drawing paper comes to life, and I become engaged in it. I desire to touch the heart’s of many people with my work in a positive way to make a difference in this world that needs light.

My Application

Prophetic Art by moving in the seer realm; a modern day scribe, today’s writer that is heavenly minded doing God’s work on earth.

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February 1, 2019 10:13 pm

Amen Sister, your love for Jesus radiates from your eyes which we know is the reflection of your soul.

Stacy Blizzard
Stacy Blizzard
July 14, 2019 6:26 am

Pastor Rita I give God all the praise for allowing me to connect with you. You have changed my life with who you are in Christ. I have seldom felt an instant love for someone a compassion until now. I know it’s the Holy Spirit in you connecting with the Holy Spirit in me. What a privilege to be experiencing that. Your artworks are an expression of Gods beauty.

Don Rowe
Don Rowe
July 14, 2019 9:02 pm

Amen Rita! You are a True Servant of our King Jesus Christ and His Kingdom Church! You walk in the Love, Grace, Power, and Authority of Yeshua! You give abundantly of yourself that others might know the beauty of The King of Kings and Lord of Lords as You pursue the Great I Am so many do follow in The Giant Shadow that You cast as a True Giant of Faith, a True Disciple, Apostle, Prophetess, Chosen by Elohim before the foundation of the world. It has been a great Honor to Walk with, and Serve with You in His… Read more »

Deborah Camp
Deborah Camp
May 23, 2020 3:33 pm

What a blast from the past! I remember when you made that! Actually, “birthed” would be a better description. I also remember the time you shared your art portfolio with me. I was speechless as you shared each piece and the meaning behind each one. No words to adequately describe it!!! Your creations are inspiring!