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We Decree In The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ:

We Pray for those of us who have been awaiting the promises fulfilled of dreams and visions even from many years previous in regards to our life be made manifest.

What are you standing on? Get ready. For what God has spoken over you shall be realized of those things shared in your secret place with Him.

We Decree FULFILLMENT. Many have been going through a great deal of opposition, persecution or various types of hindrances in the past decade. May we see the manifestation of every word, dream in our life because God has called you; He has spoken.

This had been a time of separation and difference. For example, the wheat vs the tares, the sheep vs the goats, the believers vs the non-believers. This is no longer a time to sit on the fence. May the believers of the Lord be marked by Him in favor.

We Pray concerning the wealth transfer to help as the Kingdom of God upon the earth. Allow us to see stadium crusades, mass deliverances, mass healings, signs and wonders and miracles, the SUDDENLIES of God being released.

We Pray for His ministering angels to be released now. May the harvest be ripe, and the breakthroughs arrive suddenly on wings of angels.

We Pray for the double. Double for our troubles. Double for our shame. We pray for the fulfillment! Reach out and take hold of the blessings of God being released.

We Decree that this shall happen suddenly and you shall experience God’s glory, healing and salvation arrive to our household. May we see the time of great advancement never known before in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.


Rita Kay Whitt
Founder of Rita Kay Whitt Ministries and Whittness For Christ and Rita Kay Whitt Prophetic Art Expressions




Rita Kay Whitt

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