Apostolic Prayers and Prophetic Promises: 2

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Bring the FIRE Your Holy Presence Lord. Holy Spirit draw us into a DEEPER encounter with You, O God. We decree that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with You. In a moment’s time You can raise up an end time church of mighty believers. You can bring in the financial blessings, the OUTPOURING. Your faithful remnant. We are so thank FULL for everything You are doing in this hour raising up this holy REMNANT and making apostolic connections with your leaders ARISING, now. In a moment’s time all kingdoms shall topple of the enemy; blow the trumpets, declare the deaf shall hear, the blind shall see! Oh, say can you SEE!


     SEE…By the stars shining brightly. You bring in the increase LORD. It is You, Lord. These RISING stars shall shine ever so brightly for Your Kingdom Advancement. For Your Glory. YOUR Praise and Honor, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, BLESS the Five-Fold Ministry and your people exponentially, with INCREASE from the four winds of provision, to be given unto him, as it comes from Your throne room of GRACE and MERCY in this hour, that nothing shall be impossible. We will not have to beg for bread, and of the Children of God, that it is released NOW, by faith, the financial BLESSINGS from Your store houses that are OPEN.


Aaron’s Rod that budded was a picture of Christ as the life giver of the tribe of all Believers, because He as our High Priest was giving His blood behind the veil. Aaron’s Rod became a symbol of the Atonement. Christ became the giver of Life to those for whom He died on the Cross of Calvary.

Draw us away, Oh Lord. In this hour! May we join hands, draw into your Holy presence and run after you. We pray for the bridal cry for intimacy to be greater in You. Awaken your bride. The church. Our Bridegroom King, Lord Jesus. Awaken us in this season, this hour in You. May our hearts desire, be the Holy fire. The Holy fire. The Fire of Your Heart, the fire of the Holy Spirit. Let the fire come. Oh, Holy Spirit. Purify the Bride of Christ. May she be made ready for His return. Draw us away. Away… Into your heart, Your presence.

Thank You Lord Jesus that Your banner over us is love. Yes, Your love. Your love that is far reaching…that touches the depths of our hearts. Make us renewed in You. Let us arise. ARISE! Arise in obedience to follow You. Let Our heart’s cry out to obey you. Grace. Multiplication of grace. We thank You for Your grace. Your love for us. Your love is better than wine. Your revelatory truths are increasingly beautiful to us, Oh Lord. Jesus, our hearts unite in expression of our love for you. Let something arise in us, from our inner being for our hearts to expand in love for you and Your end time vision. Deep calls unto deep. May We arise to come into the deeper revelatory truths in you…

May the “Seven Spirits” of Isaiah 11:1-3. 2 The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him– the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD — 3 and he will delight in the fear of the LORD.


Rest upon us. Rest upon us, Oh Holy Spirit as we rest in You. Arrest us deeper into your presence. My love! My dove! My Holy One! Come! Draw us into the deeper things of You. The deeper revelatory truths in You…Our Spirit cries out for this increased spiritual intimacy with You, Jesus. Expand our heart’s to give of ourselves to You, and receive Your TRUTH in this hour. Yes, Lord. Come Oh, Holy Spirit, Come! Fresh Fire. Fresh Wind. Fresh Anointing. Move upon Your Faithful! Love within us. Change our heart’s to be soft, pliable for the Master Potter to shape us, mold us, create a new thing within us. Yes, Lord! Come. May we truly ARISE in You. A Bride’s passionate cry to her Bridegroom King. Let us draw away, draw away in You, my Love.


We long for the apostolic and prophetic dance, a united, beautiful union of the romance of the Gospel coming alive. Unlock our heart’s as we seek You with a dedicated, purified, holy and sanctified lifestyle in You. May we cultivate Godly ways and intentions in our personal life, reaching far into the marketplace, commerce, business then globally with the true agape love: the righteous perfected love. We embrace the new, the new thing in this season. Let it come now, Oh Holy Spirit. Yes, Lord. A new “kiss of revelation” unlocking our hearts by the beauty of the fulfillment of the Bridegroom and Bride in the romance of the Gospel.


Give us Oh Holy Spirit, with the three-fold anointing of the Divine Kiss: The anointing to perceive, the anointing to love and the anointing to make known. Prepare us for the revelation of the seven fold bridal paradigm, with a Holy Spirit energized heart of love, communicating wit the fulfillment of DUNAMUS power.

(Ephesians 1:17; Ephesians 3:16; Ephesians 3:8)


Indeed, awaken us into a new thing: a new thing in You. Awaken our hearts into the greater knowledge of God. In the fragrance of Your beauty, may we desire more of Jesus. You are the Rose of Sharon! Your fragrance is beautiful. We long for the sweet perfume of God’s heart. Pour out! Pour out! Pour out the perfume and ointment of You. A reflection of the state of God’s heart with the fragrant anointing oil. We love You, Oh Lord! We love You! Carry us away! We are straightened in Your presence of Your Firey and Holy Love.


We long for, and pray to be true worshipers of God liken a David’s heart unto God to be a servant of people. Draw us away. Draw us away into a greater intimacy, with You. Make us purified willing vessels as extravagant worshipers, ushering in the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Bridegroom Jesus: glorious return.

Our heart’s cry out for this deep, ever so deeper longing of intimacy with Him. Holy Spirit, come! Let your fire fall. Fresh Fire. Fresh Wind. Fresh impartation. Fresh Anointing. We embrace the fresh fire of the Holy Spirit. Oh, Lord. Our Love. Our Dove. Most Holy Perfected One, Come! May we partnership with greater obedience in action. Help us to reach out to others in selfless, purified love aflame in the Holy Spirit. Allow our heart’s to open as the Lily of the Valley in it’s season, awakening, blooming in faith; giving of self to others.


Carry us into Your secret chambers by Your divine grace. Grace. Grace. We long for the secret place of communication with You, in this season. Loving Lord of heart’s desire. Burning flames of purified fire, aflame in Him. Fresh Revelation. Fresh Fire. Fresh Wind. Fresh Personal Holy Encounters. Fresh impartation in the Spirit.

Let us then, Lord experience the taste of completion of God’s Love. Help us to grow spiritually and be mature believers. Remove any spiritual immaturity within our fasted, dedicated, holy lifestyle in You. May our heart’s cry be to rise up into obedience in Him. May we be the obedient Bride of Christ. Yes, Lord. We are thankful that You love us even though we are imperfect. Help us become mature bridal partners in You. May we keep our lamps lit, and overflowing in the Holy Spirit. Allow us to draw into Your secret chambers in this season with greater frequency and response to Your call. In Jesus Love, His Holy Name. Amen

Be Apostolic Kingdom Builders For Yeshua Hamasciach, The Chief Cornerstone.

In Jesus Love And In His Service,
Apostle/Pastor Rita Kay Whitt
August 2019



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