The Brides New Shoes: Bride Of Christ

THE BRIDES NEW SHOES: BRIDE OF CHRIST Speaking I N C R E A S E   How beautiful are your feet, Oh Daughter of The Prince! ... An allegory to evangelism... May your feet Oh beautiful one, of The Son of God be shod by the preparation of the Gospel. Beloved Bride, May your … Continue reading The Brides New Shoes: Bride Of Christ

Misconceptions About Weight

MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT WEIGHT ~ DO NOT JUDGE! By Rita Kay Whitt aka pearls of wisdom aka WHITTness For Christ 2019 Misconceptions about weight. Through Art; animated, raising Awareness of Lymphedema and Lipedema that is real and the mental/emotional/spiritual implications of this upon a person’s life and relationships. We all have dreams that we desire to … Continue reading Misconceptions About Weight