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7. The Man In The Long White Robe


I was standing in a large auditorium in Rome, Italy. There were numerous people who were required to raise their right arm straight out as if in allegiance while bowing at the waist, or else die. I knew that if I did not bow, I would die. Many people in this auditorium bowed out of fear. There was a man dressed in a long white robe that stood by my right hand while we watched another man also dressed in a similar garment that was sitting in a chair on an elevated platform above this audience. Above his forehead was no crown, like the top of his head was cut off, and one could see into his head that was dark and hollow. Men approached this man who was sitting on his throne carrying a tall white hat with the appearance of an open mouth fish head with a pointed top and a fat inverted cross. The hat was placed on the head of the man in white who was sitting at his throne. Then, the man who was standing next to me in this dream said, “He now has the power, there is no stopping him.” In this dream, I knew the man who spoke to me was a good man and full of wisdom.