The Bridal Cry For Intimacy

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Discovering God’s Heart

Let Us Become Passionate After God’s Own Heart



My Love. My Holy One. My Perfect Dove. I Long To Be Drawn Into Your Heart.

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.”

Jesus, my love, may we desire a closer relationship with You! Reach out and touch my heart, today. Deep calls into deep. Allow us to come into a deeper relationship with You. We long for the divine kiss; the invitation to go deeper with Jesus.

We long to run into Your Holy presence. Carry us away to be with You, O’ Spirit of Truth. Let’s go! Draw us into Your heart; We are longing for the heavenly encounters in You.

Unlock our hearts this hour.

May our heart’s become purified by the Holy Spirit. Let the Words of Your mouth unlock our hearts to receive spiritual truths and a deeper level of intimacy.

May We seek Your face, standing in obedience to Your mandate. The Bridal passionate cry, to draw nearer to His perfect heart. Open the door of my heart, Lord! Allow my eye gates to become pure the fire of the Holy Spirit with a dedicated, holy and sanctified lifestyle in You.

May greater revelation pour out as we seek Your Word. The Words of Your Mouth are so fulfilling; may we hunger and thirst for the satisfaction that comes only through You.

The “kiss of revelation”unlocks our heart. Our heart’s long for the revelation of the romance of the Bridegroom and Bride united with the gospel.

Our heart’s cry is for the bridal song of love: drawing ever nearer to Him in this hour.

In Jesus Love And In His Service,
Rita Kay Whitt
9 May 2019


Song of Songs 1 The Passion Translation (TPT)

1 The most amazing song of all, by King Solomon.

The Shulamite[a]

2 Let him[b] smother me with kisses—his Spirit-kiss divine.[c]
So kind are your caresses,[d]
I drink them in like the sweetest wine![e]
3 Your presence releases a fragrance so pleasing—
over and over poured out.
For your lovely name is “Flowing Oil.”[f]
No wonder the brides-to-be adore you.[g]
4 Draw me into your heart.
We will run away together into the king’s cloud-filled chamber.[h]

The Chorus of Friends

We will remember your love, rejoicing and delighting in you,[i]
celebrating your every kiss as better than wine.
No wonder righteousness adores you!

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