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Recently I was in reflection of how the Lord has moved mightily in my life as He has been in the lives of so many of His son’s and daughter’s, and in how He has been changing those with willing heart’s into the fullness of His identity on a greater scale.

     Although a native of Illinois, born in “The Land of Lincoln” near Chicago the “windy city,” I resided in Kansas City, Missouri where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. During the eighteen years of my residence in that city known for the beautiful fountains and bridges so intricately engineered, I was introduced to the five-fold ministry and of the prophetic and its renewed movement after attending the International House Of Prayer during its beginnings when birthed in the year 1999, founded by Mike Bickle.

In the early years, this house of prayer was in a trailer, and full of those believers hourly praying and in worship there; no doubt for the increase of international houses of prayer and world-wide revival. Today, it is in a building that is open 24/7 live for the prophetic teachings, prayer, conferences, and more. With humble beginnings, and willing servants, it grew from just a few to have today, numerous son’s and daughter’s. Therefore, in this city I began my years in this wilderness studying with the Holy Spirit of the spiritual truths presented to me.

     I was just thinking about Jill Austin, a mighty woman of God who passed into her reward and glory with the Lord years ago. There was a conference I went to in a nearby city, where she was teaching one weekend. I was both hungry and thirsty to be with believers in one accord yearning for the Holy Spirit as I generally lived liken to a hermit, a female monk in that season.

Ambassador Jill Austin was noted for her expression “How hungry for God are you?” This modern-day apostolic woman is remembered for her deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Arising from the potter’s wheel as an award-winning “Master” potter, this amazing sculptor artist, founded Master Potter Ministries, and was known for telling prophetic stories while making her pottery. She was a true spiritual mother, prophetic teacher, and author; one of the first as I know in that time not only writing about the Deborah anointing but walking in that calling. Jill was a member of Harvest International Ministries Apostolic Team and the Founders Circle of the Deborah Company.

     During one conference, I was blessed to attend a private session Jill Austin had with her partners in ministry; those that supported her financially and in intercession. I was honored and humbled when I was face to face with this “Mother of Israel” standing in front of me, just inches from my face. Mighty ambassador and general in God’s army, Jill Austin looked into my eyes with her finely sharpened vision. As a “carrier” of the Holy Spirit, she quickly slapped both of my hands that were positioned palms up in front of my chest, then blew wind into my face. Truly, I blessed by this impartation. When arriving to her event, I was in expectation with a hungry desire for more of the Lord with others like-minded and in one accord. I have held this precious moment in mind for many years after it was recorded here on earth and as it is in heaven.

I know many of you have spiritual encounters with God, memorable milestones in your life when the Lord came and shook the very foundation of your home and rose you up out of the world. There has to be truly a Song of Solomon type of passion to ARISE! A song also of the bride yearning for her beloved, desirous to please Him in His Kingdom Advancement. As the Bride of Christ, let us join together in this hour to bring forth the renewal, revival and restoration that is needed for the Global End Time Kingdom Harvest.

     Firstly, join in with others for repentance on a personal and national level in prophetic intercession. May the eyes of our heart become further enlightened to see the vision as our Lord sees. May we be obedient to His Word, and today’s mandate.

What did Deborah do? This woman moved in government. She is what you would call a five-fold minister. Today, the Lord is raising up women as apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors, as well as more son’s of God in this position.

     Carry me away! Worship in Spirit and Truth! Sing the Song of Deborah! Sing the new song on the wind(s) of change!

Let us move from glory to glory in Him. Are you with me?

In Jesus Love And In His Service, 
Rita Kay Whitt
© 20 April 2019


Graphic Design by Rita Kay Whitt aka pearls of wisdom aka WHITTnessForChrist © 2018

Depicted On The Graphic Design In The Wall Portraits Are, Jill Austin and Michal Ann Goll: Both Were Ambassadors For Christ, And Members Of The Deborah Company.

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Run The Race: Hebrews 12: Depiction Of Ambassador Jill Austin and Michal Ann Goll


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