It Would Take A Miracle

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God Can Make The Impossible Change In The Blink Of An Eye!

In the year 1993, I was homeless. I was living in a homeless shelter for women with my then four-year old daughter, Angelica. For belongings, I only had my property in black garbage bags. I was in three Domestic Violence Shelters in over one year and a half in three different cities.

When I was nearly the end of my stay in a shelter, my Christian female friend at the time, Debbie, was driving me to low-income housing to find an apartment. The manager of this one apartment complex told my friend it would take a miracle to move in as there was an 18 month waiting list so she told the manager, whose name was Janice, “I am counting on it.”

The next day, Debbie contacted me. I was told the following story: That previous night, the Apartment Manager had a dream. She was told the Apartment would go to me. She told her husband this, and he told her to go back to sleep. In reality, a woman was supposed to take the Apartment that morning. However, she declined. That decision moved me way up on the 18 month waiting list the present. The Apartment Manager, Janice told my friend, Debbie that I must have been on my knees praying all night. I was praying. So was Debbie. That opened the door for housing, with a four-year old daughter. I was no longer homeless. Then, still penniless, yet rich in The Lord, began college as a single mother, while working and graduated seven years later with two college degrees.

God can make the impossible change in a blink of an eye! In any situation!

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Rita Kay Whitt © 18 November 2017




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February 3, 2019 6:45 am

Its always such a blessing to hear how the Lord has blessed and made His presence known..💖